Cancer Dancer with Patty Trosclair

cancer dancer

- If you’re newly diagnosed with cancer do you feel as if your world has just completely exploded ?!

- Are you thinking that you’re going to feel awful, you’re going to be very sick with nausea &
vomiting, and, oh gawd, you’re going to lose all your pretty hair and look ugly?

- Are you wondering how you’re ever going to manage you and your family’s already very hectic life while going through a cancer journey?!

Hi, I’m Patty Trosclair and I’m a cancer coach and speaker. I work with the “cancer community”--persons
of any age who are newly diagnosed or already in cancer therapy (children through adults), families and
professional caregivers of diagnosed cancer patients, cancer medical professionals, health and holistic health
professionals, nutritionists, insurance companies, drug companies, church pastors & families, hospitals &
medical centers, and human resource (HR) specialists. 

My service is to help my clients and their communities manage the myriad details of their lives
while going through cancer treatment. I bring awareness to complementary modalities that can provide
increased energy and ease and I empower my clients to be pro-active in their journey. The cancer journey
can be easier with the right knowledge and tools, which I provide, and one can have his/her life in more control!

Most often, when people receive a cancer diagnosis, they feel as if their life has just been thrown up in
the air and it’s falling down around them in a million pieces and the person wonders how they are going
to manage all that is required of them, while feeling “sick”, with additional great loss of energy.  I initially partner with my clients to be a sounding board for their choice of direction in healing and treatment and introduce tools and processes to better manage theirs and their families’ lives while facing this life-altering illness. We work together to improve how they feel physically and mentally, empower them to take active control of their cancer journey and be in charge of their health, collaborate with their medical professionals rather than sublimate to them, and manage the numerous and tedious tasks of a cancer journey. Some of these tasks are managing the insurance paperwork, coordinating & managing all their drugs and the different times & requirements of each, and introducing self-administered laser therapy to alleviate all nausea and vomiting.  The result of our work is that my clients feel good about how they are “holding their own and their families’ lives together” while being physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged.

I am passionate and excited about bringing to my clients solutions to make going through cancer much easier
and manageable than is normally experienced!  Processes and tools are shared which I gained in 20+ years of
business process management consulting and my body’s own cancer experiences of two back-to-back, stage
4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and organ & bone cancer diagnoses and treatments, followed by a challenging
stem-cell (bone marrow) transplant. For my own cancer journeys I created an “integrative” cancer treatment
program, blending traditional “western” and alternative “eastern” therapies, incorporated all my business
process experience, and I moved from at the onset, a weak & non-walking individual, due to the cancer and
nerve damage in my legs, to dancing in a chorus kick-line six months later!  I was energetic and feeling well throughout my own cancer journey and I hope you’ll allow me to show you how to soar through cancer! - - 415-609-0813 - Skype: Patty Trosclair